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  • Monte San Pietro

    (TOURIST LOCATIONS a Montesanpietro)

    Contact: Comune di Monte San Pietro
    Comune di Monte San Pietro, P.zza della Pace, 2 40050 Calderino BO
    Tel. 051.676.44.11 Fax 061.676.44.55
    Getting here: From Bologna Casalecchio (A1 toll gate) follow the main road S.S. 569 and S.P. 26 (Valle del Lavino); from da Sasso Marconi (A1 toll gate from the south) follow the S.S. 64 (Porrettana) via Mongardino.

    The municipality of Monte San Pietro occupies a wide area of hills, mountains and valleys along the river Lavino.
    The landscape is characterized by green leafy woods and grey-yellowish ravines.
    Because of the morphology of the territory, the villages of this area have always grown up isolated and independent from each other; some of them, despite their very small population, were still independent municipalities in the early XIX century. For this reason, today there is still a sense of strong independence and autonomy in the identity of these small villages.
    The whole area has an important tradition in the production of wine.
    Due to its size, the municipality of Monte San Pietro includes several villages with different traditions and economic resources; on the left back of the Lavinio river lies Calderino, which is the main town of the municipality.

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