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  • Riola


    Contact: Municipio di Vergato 051 6746711
    Piazza dei Capitani della Montagna, 1 (Municipio) 40038 Vergato BO
    Tel. 051 6746711 (Municipio) Fax 051 912034 (Municipio)
    Getting here: From Bologna and from Pistoia follow the main road S.S.64 (Porrettana). Railway station on the Bologna-Porretta Terme railway line.

    Riola is 8km from Vergato and it is located along the main road S.S.64 (the so called 'Porrettana').
    Riola is a recent settlement and started to develop after the main road Porrettana was built; as Riola got bigger, it ended up including the small village of Montecavalloro, which used to be more important than Riola itself.
    Once you have crossed the bridge of Riola, you will see one of the most interesting contemporary buildings of the Bolognese Apennines: the church dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, which was designed by the renown Finnish architect Alvar Aalto; it was completed in 1978 after Aalto's death.
    The tiny village of Montecavalloro was an important institution in the Middle Ages and was property of Matilde di Canossa. Nearby, there is the fortified building of Costonzo (XIV-XVI century), which has a very interesting architecture and hosted the first school of medicine of the Apennines; the building has been recently restored. Some documents attest that in 1379 there were six doctors in the whole area: one in Campeggio, one in Valle, one in Tavernola and three in Costonzo.
    Worthy of mention is the XII century tower-house of Monzone; it is a large building which still preserves some of its original architectural features.
    Near Riola, but within the municipality of Grizzana, lies the so called 'Rocchetta Mattei', a very peculiar building which was built in 1850 by Cesare Mattei, who was a controversial pseudo-doctor and inventor of medicines; the building is located on a hill which was formerly occupied by the castle of Savignano, which was property of Matilde di Canossa.

  • Information by Redazione dell'Appennino Bolognese
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