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  • Trasserra


    Contact: Municipio di Camugnano 0534 41711
    Piazza J.F. Kennedy, 1 (Municipio) 40032 Camugnano BO
    Tel. 0534 41711(Municipio) Fax 0534 46827 (Municipio)  
    Getting here: Drive along the main road S.P. 62 from Riola to Camugnano, anche then take the S.P. 39.

    The origin of the place name has to be found in the location of the village: 'trans' (on the other side of) and 'serra' (mountain range). The first documents about Trasserra date back to 1221.
    There was a 1288 municipal statute of the city of Bologna which was prohibiting fairs and markets in several places within its lands, except for some larger villages such as Trasserra, which was allowed to held a fair or a market once a month.  
    Another document of the municipality of Bologna (which dates back to 1353) granted a castle or a stronghold, which was probably here, to the inhabitants of Trasserra, who were left in charge of defending by themselves their own lands.
    The church is dedicated to S. Giovanni Battista and was founded in the XII century; in 1378 it was part of the parish of Verzuno, while in 1570 it became part of the parish of Baragazza. The patronage was a right of the local inhabitants until 1416; in 1630 the patronage was given to the count Girolamo Pepoli. The church was rebuilt in the middle of the XVIII century. On the main altar there is a painting depicting the patron saint, while on a side altar there is a painting with the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary, which was made after the Pope had instituted the homonymous Company in 1618. On the altar there is also a painting depicting the saints Rocco and Sebastiano; the art work was paid by the parishioners which were spared the Black Death in 1630.

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