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  • Guzzano


    Contact: Municipio di Camugnano 05434 41711
    Piazza Kennedy, 1 40032 Camugnano BO
    Tel. 05434 41711 Fax 0534 46827  
    Getting here: From Riola follow the S.P. 62.

    Guzzano is a village of Roman origins and the place name probably comes from 'Fundus Acutianus', being the 'Gens Acutia' the owners of the estate.
    Some documents reports that Guzzano was an important village in the XIII century and its church was ruling on ten other churches of the surrounding area. The church existed since the IX century and is dedicated to S. Pietro Apostolo.
    A 1064 document mentions a castle named 'Castrum Acutianum' (which could be the castle of Mangone) ruled and owned alternatively by the counts Alberti from Prato and the counts of Panico. A document report that in 1382 the village was ruled by the countess Caterina degli Alberti from Anguzzano, daughter in law of the count Ugolino da Panico.
    In 1441 the castle was probably destroyed by Baldazzo d'Anghiari, an alley of Pope Eugenio IV against Bologna; Baldazzo d'Anghiari also destroyed Bargi and Stagno.
    In 1682 the count Cornelio Pepoli declared this territory an exclusive hunting reserve for his family.
    In the middle of the XV century, the church of Guzzano was in ruins, so the Volta, a noble family from Bologna, rebuilt it and gained the right to nominate the archpriests of the church (it used to be a parishioners right until then).
    The church was again rebuilt twice; the second time in 1653, once again thanks to the family Volta.
    In 1772 the church became property of the counts Grati-Volta and they kept it till 1842.
    After that date, the church was sold and and stated to get into decline. Today, the building is in a state of decadence and needs restoration.

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