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  • Gaggio Montano

    (TOURIST LOCATIONS a Gaggio Montano)

    Contact: Municipio di Gaggio Montano 0534 38003
    Piazza Arnaldo Brasa, 1 (Municipio) 40041 Gaggio Montano BO
    Tel. 0534 38003 Fax 0534 37666 U.T.0534 38015  
    Getting here: From Bologna follow the main road S.S. 64 (Porrettana); once in Silla turn right and drive along the S.S. 324 (named 'Passo Brasa').

    Gaggio Montano lies at the foot of the mountain 'Sasso di Rocca' and is overlooked by a lighthouse which was built in 1952; the lighthouse was designed by the engineer Giuseppe Rinaldi as a memorial to the victims of all wars.
    The first document which mentions Gaggio Montano belongs to the Lombard Kingdom and dates back to 752; in the document, the place is named 'Gaium Regine', which means woods of delights of the queen Geltrude, wife of the Lombard king Astolfo.
    An important family in the history of Gaggio Montano is the Tanari family, from Bologna; for centuries (till the XIX century), the Tanari had very wide properties which spanned also to this area.
    The oldest part of the village of Gaggio Montano is very characteristic and still preserves some very old features, like narrow lanes, historical buildings (such as Casa Tanari and Palazzo Pasi) and the arch on the doorway leading to the 'Sasso di Rocca'.

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