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  • Bombiana

    (TOURIST LOCATIONS a Gaggio Montano)

    Contact: Municipio di Gaggio Montano 0534 38003
    Piazza A. Brasa, 1 (Municipio) 40041 Gaggio Montano BO
    Tel. 0534 38003 (Municipio) Fax 0534 37666 (Municipio)  
    Getting here: From Bologna drive along the main road S.S. 64 (named 'Porrettana'); once in Silla, turn right and drive along the provincial road leading to Bombiana.

    Bombiana is a village which belongs to the municipality of Gaggio Montano and has very ancient origins.
    Its name probably comes from the Gens Pompeia, which was assigned this territory during the Roman colonization (in the Imperial age).
    In the XIII century, the municipality of Bologna conquered part of the area and built a castle on the near hill of Monte Castello (also known as Monte Leone or Castel Leone). The castle hosted also a church, dedicated to San Giacomo Maggiore; later on, the church was transferred in the village of Sasso Osso, which is an ancient name of Bombiana.
    The main square of Bombiana has a building with a peculiar doorway made from just one block of sandstone. There is also a XIX century church which was radically restored after the ground around it started to subside; the church houses XVII century paintings and a precious XVIII century terracotta Madonna.
    In the near village of Casale sulla Porrettana, in ancient times there was the 'aspitale of San Michele della Corte' on the Reno river; Matilde of Canossa (1098) and the emperor Henry V (1118) are amongst the donors of this institution.

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