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  • Carpineta


    Piazza J.F. Kennedy, 1 40032 Camugnano BO
    Tel. 0534 41711 Fax 0534 46827  
    Getting here: From Riola, follow the main road S.P. 62.

    Carpineta was a municipality between the XIII and XVII century, but was part of the parish of S. Pietro di Guzzano for several centuries, until 1625, when father Giuliano Zanobi decided to built a church and dedicate it to the saints Carlo and Bernardino. The church was built near Berto Elmi's house, a famous local architect who had renovated the baths of Porretta in the middle of the XV century. Inside the church there is a beautiful altar piece, which was donated shortly after the church inauguration; the painting has been recently restored and depicts a Madonna with the child and the saints Carlo, Bernardino and Pietro.
    Carpineta has several ancient interesting buildings; there is a stone niche from 1442, which now houses a terracotta image of the 'Madonna di Boccadirio'.
    Inside a house in Cà Mazzoli there is an inscription bearing the date 1492.
    In Gumiera there is an oratory dedicated to S. Vincenzo de' Paoli, which was built in the middle of the XVIII century by Bernardino Tonelli; near here there is also the house of the Tonelli family.
    In Castrola, a tiny village of this area, the Limentra river flows and it is an ideal place for a relaxing stroll; there is also a small lake where it is possible to fish.
    Castrola has an important bridge on the river; it was built ten centuries ago and for a long time it was a really important way of communication between Bologna and various areas of Tuscany. Between the XII and the middle of the XIII century many crusaders crossed this bridge on their way to Tuscany's ports, where they would then sail for the Holy Land.

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