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  • Camugnano

    (TOURIST LOCATIONS a Camugnano)

    Contact: 0534 41711
    Piazza J. f. Kennedy, 1 40032 Camugnano BO
    Tel. 0534 41711 Fax 0534 46827  
    Getting here: From Bologna (60km far) follow the main road S.S. 64 (Porrettana); once in Riola, cross the bridge on the Reno and follow the S.P. 62 leading to Camugnano.

    Due to its beautiful landscapes, Camugnano has been named the 'terrace of the Apennines'.
    The town has Roman origins and its name is a toponym. During the Roman Empire, a nobleman called Camonius had a property on these lands which was named 'fundus Camonianus'; the town was then known as Camugliano and Ca Mugliano, until it became Camugnano.
    In the ancient past, the town is known to have sheltered dangerous political exiles that were threatening Bologna; during the middle of the XV century, Bologna destroyed Camugnano's castle in reprisal.
    Today Camugnano is a quiet town and an ideal holiday resort for older people and families with children, thanks to the nice weather and its relaxing green surroundings.
    There are several facilities for children’s entertainment and for sporting activities (such as skating and basketball).

  • Information by Redazione dell'Appennino Bolognese
    Last update: 25/11/15     (NewsID: 5051)
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