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  • Castelletto - Castello di Serravalle

    (TOURIST LOCATIONS a Castello Di Serravalle)

    Contact: Comune di Castello di Serravalle - Tourist office/library tel. 051.671.07.28
    Municipio di Castello di Serr., Via S. Apollinare 40050 Castelletto BO
    Tel. 051.671.07.11/03/28 Fax 051.670.42.32
    Getting here: Castelletto is about 35km from Bologna (follow the main roads S.S. 569 - S.P. 27 - S.P. 70) and about 35Km from Modena (follow the main roads S.S. 623 - S.S. 569 - S.P. 70)
    In the village there are car parks and there are bus services to Bologna and Modena (via Bazzano)

    The municipality of Castello di Serravalle lies on the hills on the borders between Modena and Bologna. The area is particularly important for the production of wine and it is part of the national association 'Città del Vino'. The main town of the municipality is Castelletto, which houses the town hall and its main trade activities. The population of the town has been growing over the past decade, thanks to people that have moved here from larger towns; there are now about 3,800 inhabitants.
    Castello di Serravalle is located on the hills and its farming products are those typical of the area: vines, cherries, apricots, peaches and plums.
    The area is famous for its wine (both red and white), which is of excellent quality and goes well with traditional dishes and modern cuisine. Coming to Castello to buy some wine can be a great excuse for a nice day out in spring; indeed, between March and May the landscape of the area is particularly beautiful thanks to the blossoming of fruit trees (especially the cherry trees) and meadows.
    Despite the small size of the village, the inhabitants of Castello di Serravalle are particularly active and there are several cultural associations which organize cultural and religious events and sport activities; such as the torchlight procession of S. Antonio (during Winter), walks along the badlands, the 'Maggiociondolo' (sport events and entertainment during the week ends of May), the folk festival 'Sagra del Gnocco fritto' (the Autumn celebration of local gastronomy).
    The cultural associations of the village are also very active on the side of local traditional music and theatre, such as the music band 'Remigio Zanoli' and the theatre group 'L'aj stréca un po'.

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    Last update: 28/01/15     (NewsID: 10024)
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