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  • Monte delle Formiche


    Loc. Monte delle Formiche 40065 Pianoro BO
    Tel. 051/6529111 Fax 051 774299  

    The place name Monte delle Formiche (mountain of the ants) comes from the annual migration of male ants; soon after mating, male ants gather here on this mountain in the beginning of September and then die. Popular religion has associated this annual event with the 8th of September, celebration of the Madonna, as if the ants were sacrificing themselves to the Virgin. The parish where the celebration takes place is called 'S. Maria di Zena' and is one of the oldest of the province, it was indeed already mentioned in a X century document; in the XV century the church changed its name due to the ants migration, thus becoming 'S. Maria del Monte delle Formiche'. Sadly, the original building was destroyed during the second World War and only the bell tower was spared; the present building is a reconstruction carried out in the '50s.
    In very ancient times, this mountain was a holy place dedicated to the pagan gods, like the surrounding mountains: Monte Venere, Monte Adone, Monte Bibele, Monte Cerere and  Monzuno (Mons Juno).

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