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  • Vidiciatico

    (TOURIST LOCATIONS a Lizzano In Belvedere)

    Contact: IAT Lizzano in Belvedere 0534/51052 - IAT Vidiciatico 0534/53159
    Tel. 0534/51052 - 0534/53159 Fax 0534/51052 - 0534/53159 ,  
    Getting here: Bologna airport is at 68km and Florence at 80km. Railway station in Porretta Terme (15km), on the Bologna-Pistoia railway line. From Bologna A1 for Florence, exit in Sasso Marconi; from Florence, A11; from Modena A1.

    Vidiciatico is located along the road which leads to Corno alle Scale and is a renown summer and winter tourist resort.
    Its ancient history can still be seen in the old buildings of the village, such as the four doorways leading to the oldest part of Vidiciatico, or in the apse of the old church and the bell tower in one of the most characteristic corners of the main square.  
    Tourists are strongly suggested to visit the oratory of San Rocco, which was built in 1631 and dedicated to the saints Rocco and Sebastiano to thank them for ending the Black Death epidemic in 1630.
    Like Lizzano, Vidiciatico has changed in modern times but visitors will appreciate the new buildings and the well organized village, together with the remains of the old buildings.
    The origin of the place name is uncertain and there are main suppositions. The most popular is linked to a legend about Ciatico, a bandit from Modena which was wanted by the city of Bologna for some crimes he had committed. The legend tells that someone spotted the bandit and reported to the guards, so he says 'Vidi Ciatico' and was rewarded for the information. The legend is very vague and happened many years after Vidiciatico was already existing. Some scholars consider the pronunciation in dialect  ('Viciadgo') as a starting point for their theory on the origin of the place name; the original name of Vidiciatico was Viticiaticum. Probably the name comes from 'viciadgo' and 'vedgo' (the place of willow trees); indeed the word 'vitticiatico' (vines) can be referred to plants and trees that bend easily, such as willows, which is called 'vedgo' in the local dialect.

  • Information by Redazione dell'Appennino Bolognese
    Last update: 28/01/15     (NewsID: 25007)
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