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  • Porretta Terme

    (TOURIST LOCATIONS a Porretta Terme)

    Contact: IAT Alto Reno Terme, Tel. 0534/521103,
    Piazza Libert?,11 40046 Porretta Terme, Municipality of Alto Reno Terme BO

    Porretta Terme is a well know summer and spa resort on the Apennines on the border between Emilia and Tuscany, in the Municipality of Alto Reno Terme.
    The history of the town is very old and closely connected with that of its thermal baths.
    There are several archaeological findings of the Roman period which show the relevance of healing waters in Porretta's ancient past: such as the sandstone staircase found in the old thermal baths, or the lion mask (I century) which has become the coat of arms of the town's baths.
    During the Renaissance, Porretta's thermal baths became very famous; they were mentioned in literary works ('Le Porrettane' by Sabatino degli Arienti, 1483, and in Niccolò Machiavelli's 'La Mandragola') and had such illustrious guests as Lorenzo il Magnifico, the cardinal Francesco Gonzaga, the painter Andrea Mantegna.
    Around this time the town centre of Porretta was founded along the 'Rio Maggiore'. The town had no proper walls but there were five doorways along an external ring of houses; unfortunately, there are no traces of this doorways.
    During the XIX century, the importance of Porretta's thermal baths grew, thanks to the new road  'Porrettana' and the railway connecting Bologna with Pistoia. New thermal buildings were built in Puzzola, just outside the town centre.
    After the unity of Italy, Porretta's baths became even more popular in Italy and abroad, with the fashion of thermal baths and the start of mass tourism; the town was expanded and many hotels were opened.

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