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  • Badi

    (TOURIST LOCATIONS a Castel Di Casio)

    Contact: Municipio di Castel di Casio 0534 44133
    Via Marconi, 9 (Municipio) 40030 Castel di Casio BO
    Tel. 0534 44133 (Municipio) Fax 0534 44286 (Municipio)  
    Getting here: Tourists travelling from Bologna are suggested to drive along the main road Strada Statale 64 Porrettana till they reach the village of Ponte della Venturina; here they find the Strada Provinciale di Teglie which leads to Badi.

    Badi is 15km from Castel di Casio.
    The territory of Badi has many historical buildings to visit. In the village there is the XVII century church dedicated to San Prospero which is a beautiful example of baroque architecture. In the near village called Monte di Badi we find a Romanesque church, dedicated to Sant'Ilario, which was built at the beginning of the XII century. The village of Moscacchia is home to a Reinaissance oratory, dedicated to the saints Gioacchino and Anna, whose interiors still preserve XVI century frescos. The area has also interesting rural buildings; Ca' Vecchia still preserves a XVI century decorated door, Massovrana has an old tower which dates back to the second half of the XVI century, while the XIV century Moscacchia is home to some very interesting bas-relieves with symbols of fertility. In the village of Poggio di Badi, which is just 20 minutes walk from Badi, is worth visiting the fresco of the Madonna and Santa Lucia, which is in a niche; unfortunately, the painting has been partly repainted several times.

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