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  • Museo Arti e Mestieri Pietro Lazzarini

    (museums and galleries a Pianoro)
    Museo Arti e Mestieri Pietro Lazzarini

    Contact: tel. 051 776927 - tel. 051 6529105 (Comune di Pianoro)
    Via del Gualando, 2 40065 Pianoro BO  
    Hours: Open every day up to the end of October, please call: 3336124867 -3388367771- 0516510182 to make sure.

    The Museo di Arti e Mestieri Pietro Lazzarini looks at and collects material evidence of the history of peasants and craftsmen of the Savena, Idice and Setta  Valleys. It can be found inside the ancient Gualando Barn (late 1800s), specifically restored by the Pianoro Council to  house the collection of the 'pianorese' Pietro Lazzarini (more than 1800 pieces), together with objects from other donations.

    The layout, organised  to recreate  historic locations, is lent to reading the exhibits, which, in turn transmit traditions, ways of life and the  language of the pianorese community, its dialect.  The aim is an immediate understanding of the local historic socio-economic reality. 
    Inaugurated  17th March 2007, the museum offers an educational opportunity for both adults and children together with various possibilities to rediscover the cultural identity of the local territory.
    May 30th 2009 has been named after Pietro Lazzarini, who has done much to ensure that his precious collection become public domain and be a real channel for increasing awareness of  local history.
    During 2009 the museum  contributed to the filming of Giorgio Diritti's film "L'uomo che verrà", dedicated to the collection 'la strage di Marzabotto', lending numerous objects for the historical reconstruction of various scenes.
    In 2010  the Museum was filmed by the national television channel 'Rai1 for  the "7 giorni"  documentary (broadcast the  18th of December 2010). The episode, dedicated to  ancient crafts still  alive in various Italian regions, destined the final comment to the images of the Pianoro Museum, chosen from amongst the many national ethnographic museums.
    In May 2012 the museum was honored with the title 'Quality Museum' by the Emilia-Romagna Region.

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