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  • Oratory of Sasso

    (chapels, oratories, tabernacles a Lizzano In Belvedere)
    Oratory of Sasso

    Contact: IAT Lizzano in Belvedere 0534/51052 - IAT Vidiciatico 0534/53159
    Loc. Sasso 40042 LIZZANO IN BELVEDERE BO
    Tel. 0534/51052 - 0534/53159 Fax 0534/51052 - 0534/53159 ,  
    Getting here: On the road to Vidiciatico, just outside the village, take the road on the right for Pozzo-Sasso and drive for about 2km.
    Opening days: July and August.

    Sasso is a small village not far from Lizzano; an old document from Nonantola mentions it as "Saxo Ciliano" as early as in 753. Its oratory is dedicated to Santa Maria Annunziata; it houses a precious sculpted holy water stoup and a unique system allowing the statue of the Madonna to be moved from its pedestal to the shoulders of those that will carry it during processions. The building can be visited in July and August and the Monday after Easter, which is actually the day of the procession. Worth of mention, in the village, is a house with one window and other mid-XV century features which, according to the legend, belonged to a queen called "Silla".

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