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  • Archaeological area of Monte Bibele

    (archaeological sites a Monterenzio)
    Archaeological area of Monte Bibele

    Contact: Info Museo Civico "L. Fantini" Via Idice, 235 - c/o Municipality of Monterenzio
    Via Idice, 180/1 40050 Monterenzio BO
    Tel. 051- 9299002 Fax 051-929766  
    Getting here: The site is in Valle di Zena, about 1km from Quinzano (Loiano).
    Opening days: The area is open and access is free.
    Full price: Free

    Monte Bibele is located near the villages of Bisano, San Benedetto del Querceto and Quinzano, in the municipality of Monterenzio; at the foot of the hill lie the ruins of a IV century BC Etruscan-Celtic settlement, which was destroyed and abandoned around the early decades of the II century BC. Excavations in the area started in 1979 and are still being carried out; the settlement is part of an archaeological and natural park. The ancient inhabitants of this area probably chose Monte Bibele due to its spring waters; the name, indeed, indicates that this is the mountain of drinkable water.
    Monte Bibele is one of the most interesting archaeological areas of Celtic culture in Italy, featuring a variety of aspects, including built-up areas, necropolis and sacred spaces. The earliest findings happened in Monterenzio during World War II, when a group of German soldiers, settled along the Gothic Line, found a number of skeletons of the inhabitants that had occupied Monte Bibele between the middle of the IV and the beginning of the II century BC.

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