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  • Lagazzana

    (villages a Gaggio Montano)

    Contact: Town hall of Gaggio Montano 0534 38003
    localit? La Gazzana 40041 Gaggio Montano BO
    Getting here: At the foot of Gaggio Montana; easily accessible by car. 

    The small village lies in the lower part of Gaggio Montano.
    The small village lies in the lower part of Gaggio Montano. This is the second oldest part of Gaggio and is very interesting from the environmental and historical point of view, because it has not significantly changed over the years. During the XIV-XV century the Tanari family, local wealthy landlords, built a palace; known as casa Pasi, the palace was modified in the middle of the XV century and Tuscan features were added to it, such as sandstone decorations in the main door and windows with overhanging frames. The interior still houses original features, such as the wooden ceiling. Not far from this, lies the late XVI century Casa Negri, built by another family from the Tanari dynasty; the house has some interesting features such as the two doorways on the east and on the west side and some original windows on the ground floor with ashlar frames. The small square used to host the town hall until the ‘60s, which was then transferred in the current centre of the town.

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