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  • Mulino di Sanbuccione - mill

    (farm houses, mills a Lizzano In Belvedere)

    Contact: IAT Lizzano in Belvedere 0534/51052 - IAT Vidiciatico 0534/53159
    Via Sanbuccione, 3 40042 PIANACCIO BO
    Tel. 0534/51052 - 0534/53159 Fax 0534/51052 - 0534/53159 ,  
    Getting here: From the start of the village drive along the main road, then turn left on the bridge and the again right.
    Opening days: Group visits only, contact the owner Mr Fornaciari, tel: 0039 0534/23036-51528

    When these areas were poor and people suffered from lack of food, chestnuts were considered one of the most important food staples, because they grow generously and are easy to preserve over the months of the year; for this reason mills were fundamental institutions within these communities. People would come here with dried chestnuts to have them grinded into flour. 
This mill is a beautiful architecture with a number of features, such as: a system to regulate the water flow, a system that conveys chestnuts into the millstone, two millstones and a wheel, a large box where the flour is being collected and a complex system allowing the movement of the machines.

This mill was built in 1890; when it was restored in 1995 an interesting stone arch came to light, bearing an inscription with a prayer to the Virgin. The mill features two millstones sets: one for chestnuts and one for wheat; it functioned until the ‘50s thanks to the water flow of the brook Bagnadori. Originally the wheel was vertical, also known as Roman; it was later modified into a horizontal wheel (Greek type) in order to maximise the power of the water flow.

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