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  • Palazzo Marescotti

    (villas, historical residences and theatres a Crespellano)

    via Confortino Calcara di Crespellano BO

    The properties in this area originate from the estates of Confortino Conforti, who, at the end of the XIII century, bequeathed a large sum of money for the purpose of building a church and a convent for the monks of San Francesco in Bologna. Palazzo Marescotti was built later, at the end of the XV century, by Galeazzo Marescotti; his descendants owned it till the end of the XVIII century.
    The palace still features underground galleries and the ruins of a number of wells, amongst which two with blades, as well as a large cellar and oven. Unfortunately these structures are quite run down. Popular myths maintain that there is an underground gallery linking the palace with the Romanic-Gothic church of San Francesco.

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    • Calcara di Crespellano

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