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  • Villa Conti Turrini Rossi, currently Villa Nicolai

    (villas, historical residences and theatres a Crespellano)

    Via Mazzini Calcara di Crespellano BO

    The current features of the villa date back to the late XVIII century, but the building is probably older; the author of this restyling is unknown as yet. The façade has an interesting inscription that sums up the purpose of the villa: "Ut in otia tuta recedam" (so that I can retreat for peaceful rest).
    The villa has a beautiful Neoclassical style with a tall Ionic colonnade and typical XVIII century windows.  The façade shows the three different floors of the building, each corresponding to a different use. The interior has late XVIII century decorations which are unfortunately quite damaged; the frescos of the loggia on the first floor can be ascribed to Vincenzo Martinelli and depict rural life scenes. The corridor of the ground floor features paintings depicting battles and portraits.

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    • Calcara di Crespellano

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