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  • Villa Bassi - Rusconi

    (villas, historical residences and theatres a Crespellano)

    Via Casola Calcara di Crespellano BO

    Carlo Bianconi designed this villa at the end of the XVIII century in a style reminiscent of the XVI century; this is a very significant example of that particular style in the area and in fact Renato Cervese mentions Villa Bassi-Rusconi in his essay about the influence of Palladio and of Villa Rotonda. The archive of Collegio Venturoli, in Bologna, holds a detailed drawing of the villa’s plan by Angelo Venturoli which mentions the name of Bianconi and the place name ("Pianta a facciata del Casino di Campagna posto nel comune di Calcara spettante al Signore Giuseppe Bianconi").
    The main room on the first floor has remarkable Neoclassical ornamental frescos. Beseghi has described some very interesting decorations that used to be in the hallway of the villa; these were made with hand-painted wall paper depicting scenes from the new world.

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    • Calcara di Crespellano

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