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  • Palazzo Stella

    (villas, historical residences and theatres a Crespellano)

    Via Cassola, 14 Crespellano BO

    The earliest building dates back to the XVI century but the current one was rebuilt around 1780 (the 1778 design were recently found). This beautiful villa features an external loggia with architrave; the interior has a gallery decorated with tempera and various rooms are ornated with decorative and figurative elements, all painted between the end of the XVIII century and 1830, some of which by the Bolognese artists Vincenzo Martinelli and Basoli. There are also precious ceilings, one of which in Pompei style from the late XVIII century. The villa includes the farmers’ lodgings.
    The villa takes its name from Giuseppe Stella, who commissioned the house in 1778; he had received the title of count in 1750 by Pope Benedict XIV. Over the past century the villa was owned by the counts Masetti; the current owners are the family Fochi Barbiroli.

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