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  • The bridge of Castrola

    (fountains, bridges, canals a Castel Di Casio)

    localit? Castrola 40030 Castel di Casio BO
    Getting here: The bridge is near the village.
    Opening days: All year long

    The bridge lies on the river Limentra, in a narrow valley in the eastern part of the river; here, in recent years, an imposing dam was designed but it was never built. The bridge is curved like a donkey’s back and was designed in the middle of the XIX century by the Bolognese architect Venturoli, at the time of the Papal State. The bridge is actually much older, it is in fact one of the oldest bridges in the area; it already existed in 1096, the year of the first crusade. Indeed its existence is documented by donations made "pro anima et utilitas pontis" given by those that could not set off for the crusades but wanted to have spiritual benefits nonetheless (and did so through public donations). In 1370 a severe flooding destroyed it and it was rebuilt with wood by two local craftsmen.

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