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  • Sacrario ai Caduti

    (memorials a Marzabotto)

    Contact: Hall of Marzabotto 051 6780511
    Via Aldo Moro, 3 40043 Marzabotto BO
    Tel. 051 6780511  
    Weekday open hours: 9 - 12 / 14 - 16,45 (1st October/15th May) and 9 - 12 / 15 - 17 (16th May/30th September)e)
    Holiday open hours: 9 - 12 / 14 - 16,45 (1st October/15th May) and 9 - 12 / 15 - 17 (16th May/30th September
    Week closed on: Monday

    The territory of Monte Sole, Caprara, Casaglia, San Martino, Cerpiano, Pioppe di Salvaro and Sperticano  are notorious for the Nazi-Fascist massacre in 1944, in which over 1800 people lost their lives. The victims  are remembered  here.
    It was decorated with the Gold Medal for Military Achievements for the sacrifices made by its people and its partisan combat during World War II "... Recessed between steep cliffs and the green woods of ancient Etruscan land, Marzabotto preferred iron, fire and destruction rather than yield to the oppressor. For 14 months he endured the harsh tyranny of Teutonic hordes which failed to eradicate the pride of his children... The ruthless massacres and its 1830 dead rest in the mountains and valleys as a perpetual reminder to future generations than he can love for the homeland ... " September 8, 1943 - November 1, 1944.  
    The War memorial is located in the crypt of the parish church of St Joseph and Charles.

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