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  • Caves of Labante

    (places of natural interest a Castel D'Aiano)

    Contact: Municipality of Castel D'Aiano 051 914103
    Localit? Labante 40034 Labante BO
    Tel. 051 914103 (Municipio) Fax 051 914818 (Municipio)  
    Getting here: From Bologna drive along the main road SS64 "Porrettana" to Vergato; from here turn right and take the Provincial Road 25.

    These caves are quite unique and important. Only a very small part of the province of Bologna features Karst formations and the “Messiniani chalks”, on the hills around Bologna, are those that are actually known to the wide public, well researched and documented. Despite this, not far from Bologna, in the municipality of Castel d'Aiano, there are Karst formations that, from a strictly scientific point of view, are more important than the “Bolognese chalks", at least for their rarity. These rare natural caves are rarely longer than 4-5mt. It is not only the scientific importance of the caves that make them unique but also the natural environment in which they have developed: a harmonious natural water fall. The landscape and naturalistic interest of these caves were noticed by the earliest travellers, to the extent that these are the earliest caves of which there are written documents about. Today, though, the studies carried out on these caves are still scarce and still limited to the earliest descriptions of XVII-XVIII century naturalists, which are quite hard to find for the general public. (Prof. Paolo Forti Italian Institute of Speleology, University of Bologna)

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