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  • Giardini del Casoncello

    (city parks and botanical gardens a Loiano)

    Contact: Info and booking 051/928100, 051/928281
    Casoncello di Scascoli Loiano BO

    The Gardens of Casoncello are now considered an excellent example of a "natural garden" where nature and humans coexist in harmony and where diversity is respected and fostered the plant and animal life.
    The Gardens of Casoncello represent excellence tourism environment, often used as examples by the Province of Bologna for the promotion of our region, as in the case of the promotional tour took place in 2006 in Japan. The Gardens are presented as an unusual-looking place, full of wild flowers and ornamental plants: in the space of a single hectare more than a thousand species that live together, freely associated in a "harmonious chaos", help to create an inviting atmosphere . 
    The gardens are open by appointment only with guided tours

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