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  • Un tour nelle valli bolognesi inseguendo il Medioevo

    (history and culture routes a Lizzano In Belvedere)
    Un tour nelle valli bolognesi inseguendo il Medioevo

    Contact: IAT Lizzano in Belvedere 0534/51052 - IAT Vidiciatico 0534/53159
    Piazza Marconi, 6 40042 LIZZANO IN BELVEDERE BO
    Tel. 0534/51052 - 0534/53159 Fax 0534/51052 - 0534/53159  

    A tour in the Bologna valleys chasing the Middle Ages
    From Brento, in the foothills south of Bologna, in Lizzano in Belvedere, in the valley of the Reno, and then Cornacchiaia along the Futa just over the border with Tuscany, to Grizzana Morandi, on the ridge that divides the Reno from Setta.

    Every village has its church, built by skilled workers from England or from nearby Tuscany. Although centuries have passed and many of those churches have been destroyed, hidden or transformed by subsequent expansions, are still relatively numerous examples of Romanesque architecture, some preserved in their entirety. Most of them are located in the western part of the province, in the Reno Valley and Limentre, while the eastern area retains a much smaller number.
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