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  • La birra di castagne: Beltaine

    (TYPICAL PRODUCTS a Granaglione)
    La   birra di castagne: Beltaine

    Via Bovecchia, 139 (Consorzio Castanicoltori) 40030 Granaglione, Municipality of Alto Reno Terme BO
    Tel. 0534 62352

    The town of Granaglione was a borderland of the Celtic settlement of the Bolognese. Traditional drink of the Celts was the beer, called in Gaelic "strong drink" and from which the Cerveza Spanish and Portuguese cerveja.
    BELTAINE was the big "Spring Festival" and the Celtic symbol of the rebirth of nature was the junction of the lover of beer on the label.
    The chestnut beer of Grantham is the result of several years of research to get a product that identifies its land of origin. In 2004, the public is given the opportunity to taste a beverage with a strong identity and character. In addition to chestnuts, depending on the recipe, other ingredients have been introduced with the aim of making the drink the result of the processing of raw materials indigenous.
    The juniper characterizes the mountains that surround Granaglione and ancient variety of wheat paid to produce "the chestnut beer" beer Granaglione to provide all the prerogatives to the Denomination of Protected Origin. This drink alcohol more or less depending on the recipe, it is therefore the result of the tenacity and passion. The beers produced by the high fermentation process are characterized by a strong fruity and spicy. It uses two types of chestnuts smoked ones (beer with juniper) and those with neutral air dried (White beer). The second fermentation in the bottle creates a rich and textured foam that persists for a long time in the glass during the tasting. The various recipes created allow to consume the product in different circumstances, to drink and dine. There are currently two recipes.
    Note the chestnut beer amaricata with juniper, specifically designed to accompany the meat of wild boar. The chestnut beer, by the method of second fermentation in bottle and can age in the cellar. Please follow the directions listed on the back label stringent.

  • Information by Redazione dell'Appennino Bolognese
    Last update: 21/11/18     (NewsID: 5011148)
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