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  • Typical local products

    (TYPICAL PRODUCTS a Porretta Terme)

    Contact: IAT Alto Reno Terme,Tel. 0534 521103  

    In Porretta visitors will discover tastes from the traditional gastronomy of the mountains of the province of Bologna and will be able to stock up on delicacies that can hardly be found anywhere else. 

    The king of the local woods is with no doubt truffle, which comes in two varieties (black and white); mushrooms are also excellent, amongst which “porcini’, but also the less known “chiodini”, “prataioli”, “morelle” and “ovoli”. The underbrush offers delicious berries, such as wild strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, fantastic ingredients for cakes, syrups, liqueurs, flavoured “grappa” and jam. For centuries, chestnuts have been the staple food of the locals on the mountains, it is indeed the main ingredient of several traditional recipes such as “necci” (flatbread), “castagnaccio” (cake), “patolle” (pastry) and sweet polenta. Specialised shops and patisseries sell typical local products, such as “zuccherini montanari”, aniseed flavoured ring-shaped biscuits with sugar icing on top, the “colombina”, a short pastry with sweet fruit pickles, sultana and pine kernels, and the locally produced “tortino Porretta”, a cake exported in the rest of the country. Stone baked flat bread “crescentine” (also known as tigelle) and fried bread are popular delicacies; both are great with cured meat and cheese, preferably soft cheese. Sausages are amongst the best local cured meat; worth of mention is also the range of genuine and tasty cheeses produced in the area.

  • Information by Redazione dell'Appennino Bolognese
    Last update: 19/11/18     (NewsID: 20054)
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