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  • Crespellano Crespellano is a small and pleasant town just outside Bologna. It has 7,841 inhabitants living within an area of about 37 square kilometres; its territory presents a varied landscape, with hills to the south and a wide plain in the north. Crespellano has a very ancient history and Roman toponyms can still be found. The name Crespellano itself comes from the 'Fundus Crispinianum' (the properties awarded to the general Crispino); the consular roads Emilia and Claudia are still important roads in use today and connect this area with Bologna and Modena. Around the main centre there are another four villages: Calcara. Ponte Samoggia, Pragatto and Muffa. In the whole area there are several villas belonging to noble families: the Villa Bassi, Villa Rusconi and Villa Torre Stagni are some of the most important. The inhabitants of this area are said to be particularly hard working and active. The local economy is varied and has a strong light industry sector, though farming, which used to be the only resource before the '60s, is still very important, especially for the production of fruit and wine. The weekly market, which is more than forty years old, paints a lively picture of the people; traditional local feasts, fairs and voluntary organizations keep many inhabitants busy during their leisure time.

    Distances from main Italian cities:
    Bologna 20Km 
    Closest tollgates:
    A1 exit Bologna Casalecchio di Reno or Bologna Borgo Panigale

    Municipio di Crespellano
    Tel. 051 6723011 ? fax 051 960756
    Via Berozzi, 3 Crespellano BO

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