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  • Monzuno Monzuno is a small municipality in the Apennines on the south-eastern side of Bologna. The origins of its name are very interesting: Monzuno is thought to derive from either Zeus (Mons Zeus) or Juno (Mons Juno). The municipality was founded in 1803. The town is quite recent and overlooks a valley rich in historical and natural beauty, which is crossed by the so called 'via degli dei' (road of the gods). There are several historical buildings to visit in the area. The church of San Giovanni Evangelista was partly rebuilt in 1891, but has an amazing Baroque interior. In the village of Bigola there is a XIV century church dedicated to San Michele; it is mainly rebuilt in Baroque style and has a copy of the painting of San Michele by Guido Reni which is in Rome. In Rioveggio are some castles which are the property of the Berti family: the castles of Elle and Polverara and the tower of Montorio (the latter two are partially rebuilt). Near Monzuno is a mountain called Monte Venere (996m) with green woods and pastures; in ancient times, as the place name suggests, there was a temple here dedicated to the goddess of love. Around 1471, Monzuno, together with the nearby villages of Scascoli and Ripoli, sold their lands to Giovanni Bentivoglio, the lord of Bologna. Thus the villages established a special agreement which gave them a unique status of independence from the tax collectors of the city of Bologna.

    Distances from main Italian cities:
    Bologna 20Km 
    Closest tollgates:
    from Bologna: A1 towards Florence, exit Rioveggio
    Main roads:
    Provinciale n.38 (Rioveggio-Monzuno)
    Trains:Monzuno-Vado station

    Tel-Fax. 051 6773311, 051 6770144
    Via Casaglia, 4 - 40036 Monzuno BO

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