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  • Affrico

    (TOURIST LOCATIONS a Gaggio Montano)

    Contact: Municipio di Gaggio Montano 0534 38003
    Piazza A. Brasa, 1 (Municipio) 40041 Gaggio Montano BO
    Tel. 0534 38003 (Municipio) Fax 0534 37666 (Municipio)  
    Getting here: Drive along the Strada Statale 64 till you get to Riola, and then take the Strada Comunale leading to Affrico.

    Affrico is 8km from Riola, it is on the edge of a mountain and is one of the oldest villages of the municipality of Gaggio Montano. This village is the seat of the parish of Affrico, which is first mentioned in a document in 969.
    This village was formerly known as Pitigliano, but today it is called Affrico, probably because of the south-western wind which frequently blows here. In 1223 Affrico had two parishes: the one dedicated to Santa Maria and San Giovanni Battista, and the one of San Lorenzo, of which today there is only the oratory left. Affrico is an old village with elements of Comacine architecture and XV century buildings. In the XVIII century the stronghold still had its old drawbridge. Another very interesting old village is Borgo di Volpara, not far from Affrico.

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