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  • Ecomuseo della Collina e del Vino

    (museums and galleries a Castello Di Serravalle)
    Ecomuseo della Collina e del Vino

    Contact: 0516710708 - 3334124915
    Casa del Capitano - Via della Rocca 40050 Castello di Serravalle BO  
    Holiday open hours: Sunday from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm
    Full price: Free

    The "Ecomuseo della Collina e del Vino"  was set up in the old "Casa del Capitano della Montagna" in Serravalle, a house built in 1235, specially restored. 
    For the setting up of the Ecomuseo were identified nine thematic systems that connect to as many trails in the area where it is possible to observe directly.

    The nine systems are:
    The territory in the Middle Ages: the archaeological evidence
    Architecture and territory: Castello di Serravalle
    The man and the landscape: work in the fields
    Humans and animals: animal husbandry
    The vine, wine and scenery
    The nature and landscape: the badlands
    The territory and its inhabitants: the first census
    The war and the reorganization of the territory
    Culture and popular tradition: folklore
    For each system have been identified one or more illustrative panels and some symbolic objects traditionally used in rural areas. The set of panels and objects are illustrating the evolution of the agricultural landscape and production techniques in hilly territory.

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