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  • Church of Michele Arcangelo

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    Church of Michele Arcangelo

    Contact: IAT Alto Reno Terme,Tel. 0534 521103 - Parrocchia di Parrocchia di Porretta Terme 0534/22142
    Via Capugnano 40046 Capugnano, Municipality of Alto Reno Terme BO
    Tel. 0534/22142
    Getting here: About 200mt from the crossing for Capugnano, along the provincial road for Porretta and Castelluccio.
    Holiday open hours: Holy mass at 10.00 am (Sunday)
    Full price: Free admission

    This pretty XVI century church lies in a lovely area nearby the village of Capugnano. It houses some remarkable art works, amongst which the main altarpiece depicting the Madonna del Latte.
    According to the fonts, the earliest church dedicated to San Michele in this area dates back to 1106-1111, in the village of Prà Preti, not far from where the church now lies. This church was built in 1417; since it was quite small, it was expanded in 1475. In fact, back then the church was a parish that included also the villages of Castelluccio (with S. Maria Assunta) and Porretta (with S. Maria Maddalena). At the end of the XVI century the building was further expanded with an extra two altars, another set of naves on each side, the sacristy and the pulpit. In 1682 a new apse, the dome and the loggia were built; the bell tower was also completed that year. The church houses the XV century Madonna del Latte, originally an outdoor fresco, which was then restored and place indoor; it also houses a spectacular carved organ with six Roman registers. Worth of mention are also the statues of the Pietà di Capugnano (originally a polychrome art work), the 1522 fresco of the Giudizio Universale and an oil on canvas altarpiece of the Reni school depicting San Michele.

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