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  • Parish of San Quirico and Iulitta

    (churches, baptisteries a Castel Di Casio)

    40030 Castel di Casio BO
    Getting here: Easily accessible from the village. Car park available. Partially accessible to disabled.

    The parish is in the village of Castel di Casio, about 634mt above sea level. 
    The origin of the parish is uncertain because there are no remains of those early days, although it was already there in the XIII century. In 1293 a terrible crime happened in the church; the monks Canonici Lateranensi from San Frediano in Lucca then took over and run the parish until 1780, until Pope Pius VI shut down their community. Due to the poor state of the building, in 1790 restorations started and the church was also partly modified. The lower part of bell tower is perhaps one of the few remains of the original building, although some historians, at the end of the XIX century, thought that the baptistery and the gallery might be ancient too. The main altar features a XIX century painting by Alessandro Guardassoni depicting the patron saints.

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