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  • Zappolino and Ponzano

    (villages a Castello Di Serravalle)

    Contact: Ufficio Turismo - Biblioteca Comune di Castello di Serravalle 051.671.07.03
    Via S. Apollinare, 1346 40050 Castelo di Serravalle BO
    Tel. 051.671.07.03 Fax 051.670.42.32
    Getting here: From Bologna: SS 569 - SP 27
    From Modena: SS 623 - SS 569 - SP 27
    Easily accessible with private and public transport.
    Admission free: free admission

    Zappolino is home to the memorable castle of the bloody war between the citizens of Modena and those of Bologna, which took place in 1325; the event was described by Tassoni in his literary work "La Secchia rapita". The original XIII century castle is now in ruins after the earthquake that destroyed it in 1929. The church of S.Antonio lies on a hill; it was built in 1958 on the ruins of an older church dedicated to the saints Senesio and Teopompo, which was destroyed in the same earthquake that hit the castle. Alessandro Tassoni’s literary work (1616) tells the tale of a bucket which was fiercely contended between the citizens of Modena and those of Bologna; the historical backdrop that inspired Tassoni is a battle that took place in Zappolino, more precisely in the area of Prati di Soletto. From Zappolino, driving toward Savigno, along the Via Valle del Samoggia, visitors can admire various remarkable buildings: the typical XIV century fortified houses, build for defensive purposes on strategic areas (this area is on the boundary between Modena and Bologna) and owned by landlords. These buildings have a rectangular or square plan, a narrow door, small windows on the top floors and a sharp splay. The buildings were modified as time went on and more peaceful time took over; more stone buildings were added, the towers were decorated with cotto bricks, the windows were widened and the top floor used as a pigeon shelter.

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    • Castelo di Serravalle
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