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  • The "Delubro"

    (castles, towers, bell towers a Lizzano In Belvedere)

    Contact: IAT Lizzano in Belvedere 0534/51052 - IAT Vidiciatico 0534/53159
    Via della Pieve 40042 LIZZANO IN BELVEDERE BO
    Tel. 0534/51052 - 0534/53159 Fax 0534/51052 - 0534/53159 ,  
    Getting here: In the centre of Lizzano, behind the parish of San Mamante.

    The “Delubro” is a Lombard VIII-X century building that lies next to the church of Lizzano in Belvedere. This pre-Romanic temple has a somehow eastern architecture and is one of the oldest monuments in the province. It has an elliptic plan and a semi-spherical ceiling; its stone walls are very thick and heavy. Recent studies confirm that it is a Lombard baptistery. It has two doors: the first one was used as the entrance door and the second one functioned as a passageway between the tower and church. Until 1951 the “Delubro” also had the old Romanic octagonal bell tower attached to it. Due to a number of architectural features associated with Romanic art, historians think that this building never functioned as a fortress, but instead that it should have been a religious building, perhaps dedicated to San Mamante since it was established. This building is not to be confused with the original parish church, but it surely was associated to it, with a function or position similar to that normally held by an oratory. This hypothesis would confirm the fact that the “Delubro” dates back to the VIII century.

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