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  • Astronomical observatory of Bologna in Loiano

    (astronomic observatories a Loiano)

    Contact: Info and reservations dott. G. Parmeggiani (051-2095753)
    Via Orzale 12 40050 Loiano BO
    Tel. 051 6544434  
    Getting here: Lat. 44º 15' 30" N Long. 11º 20' 12" E 785mt above sea level 
Guided tours every first Saturday of the month (from September to April from 14.00 to 16.00; from May to August from 16.00 to 18.00). It is possible to book school and group visits. There are no night visits except for the beginning of August, upon reservation.

    The need for astronomical observatories outside towns started at the end of the XIX century, when rising public lightning was becoming an increasing obstacle to the darkness required by observations. Furthermore, improved transport allowed the use of isolated and high locations, which have more transparent air. The old observatories started to migrate toward the hills, far from cities’ fog and lights.
    Loiano’s observatory is run by the Astronomical observatory of Bologna and is open to the public from Spring to Autumn. It holds a 60cm telescope built by Zeiss and inaugurated in 1936 and a 152cm telescope inaugurated in 1976 and dedicated to Gian Domenico Cassini, the XVII century Bolognese astronomer famous for having built the sun dial of San Petronio in Bologna and the Paris observatory. Astronomers will be available to the public to illustrate the life of the sky: the movement of stars and planets, constellations, the zodiac, the milky way, black holes and the universe explosion.

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