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  • B&B Antica Frontiera

    (bed & breakfast a Monghidoro)
    B&B Antica Frontiera

    Contact: Silvana and Claudio + 39 051 4846003, Cell. + 39 340 8471105
    Via Primavera 9 40063 MONGHIDORO BO  
    Getting here: A14: exit at San Lazzaro di Savena and follow Via Idice/SP7 in the direction of Monterenzio-Monghidoro. Past Monterenzio and once in Monghidoro keep to the left for 2 km on the Futa provincial road, until you reach Ca' del Costa. The road to the B & B is on the right, after the Futa Point, at the phone booth.
    possible exits: Rioveggio-Pian del Voglio-Roncobilaccio or Barberino del Mugello, direction Monghidoro.

    Located between the Savena and Idice valleys, you can enjoy a tranquil stay in this splendid residence, which takes its name from the old border between the Papal States and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Here, amongst the enchanting villages and charming valleys and surrounded by the traces of an illustrious past dating back to the time of the Ostrogoths, Byzantines and Lombards, you can enjoy the wonderful walks along CAI (Club Alpino Italiano) paths and many hiking trails.
    The Customs Officer's Residence
    This splendid en suite, ideal for those who love comfort, consists of a twin room (the two beds can be joined), a kitchen with fireplace and a private bathroom. The name of the residence evokes the customs house guards who worked in the area until 1859, controlling the traffic of people and goods and collecting duties and taxes from travellers on the border between the Papal States and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.
    The Merchant's Lodging
    An elegant double bedroom with kitchen and bathroom shared with the Pilgrim's Room. The Merchant's Lodging takes its name from those merchants who, for centuries, crossed the Apennines barrier in the sole company of a beast of burden on almost impassable roads, at the risk of encountering hungry wolves or unscrupulous robbers.
    The Pilgrim's Room
    A simple and typical single room with kitchen and bathroom shared with the Merchant's Lodging. In the Middle Ages, many pilgrims from Northern Europe and the Po Valley travelled to the Holy Land across the natural (and political) boundary of the Apennines. Those heading towards the capital of the Papal States were called Romei.

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