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  • Salmerino

    (TYPICAL PRODUCTS a Lizzano In Belvedere)

    Corno alle Scale 40042 Lizzano in Belvedere BO
    Tel. 053451761 Fax 053451763  

    The brook trout is bred in an old factory run by a group of volunteers in the Park of the Corno alle Scale.
    Relative of the brown trout and Arctic charr, this salmonid was imported from the late nineteenth century and is distinguished by its bright plumage: the fins are edged with white, the back is brown streaked with yellow or olive green, while the sides are speckled with yellow or red with a blue halo. Colors that are even more vivid in the mating season.

    The month of December is playing. The first fish fry grow inside the plant, still flowing with water from the spring and reached a length of at least five centimeters, are moved to outdoor pools, still fed by spring water (never supplemented with antibiotics or other drugs ).
    The Char of Corno alle Scale has white meat and compact. The recipes that highlight the best and delicate flavor are very simple, carpaccio or cooking in foil, but many successful restaurateurs are experimenting with new recipes. The curious juxtaposition with mushrooms and sloes a delicate cream potatoes, peas and scallions.
    the Presidio
    The fish are fed a specially designed feed, thanks to the collaboration of the University of Turin. The raw material is solely based on deep-sea fish (not farmed) are not allowed proteins from terrestrial animals, or GMOs.
    The chars are sold fresh, the place of production.
    The Presidio continues to work to promote this product in restaurants throughout Italy and wants to promote the restructuring of the current breeding facility of the century and of great historical value, so that it can become an educational center and tasting char.

  • Information by Redazione dell'Appennino Bolognese
    Last update: 25/11/15     (NewsID: 5014224)
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