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  • La patata di Tol?

    (TYPICAL PRODUCTS a Vergato)
    La patata di Tol?

    Tol? Vergato BO

    Among the typical products of the potato is particularly renowned Tolè.
    The climate of this area, its loose soil rich in organic matter to soil and climate offer a cot potato giving valuable organoleptic qualities. Potato breeders have refined over time the methods of cultivation. It looks like a potato with a naturally healthy and organoleptic characteristics, which were further enhanced by the methods of cultivation by local farmers. The yellow flesh varieties are suitable for frying, while those of white paste and puree are ideal for gnocchi.
    Besides being the main ingredient in many traditional dishes of the Apennines, the potato is used to prepare numerous and tempting recipes: ravioli, soups, dumplings, pies, cakes, custards, and croquettes which we highly recommend our travelers to enjoy along the way

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