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  • Chestnut flour

    (TYPICAL PRODUCTS a Granaglione)

    Via Bovecchia, 139 (Consorzio Castanicoltori) 40030 Granaglione, Municipality of Alto Reno Terme BO
    Tel. 0534 62352

    Sweet chestnut flour is an organic product guaranteed and certified by Bioagricoop, the organic products’ certifying body.
    The voluntary consortium of chestnut farmers of Granaglione produces chestnut flour thanks to the dryer facility "Caniccio", which has been restored for its purpose. Dried chestnuts are then brought to the mill of Randaragna (not far from “Caniccio”) where they are grounded. Tourists travelling to the valley of Randaragna should not miss the traditional local gastronomy of the past, which is still alive on today’s tables. Flour is the key ingredient of a series of dishes that are well worth trying:
    •    “Necci”, a sort of soft flat bread made with chestnut flour, water and salt, baked on a stone between two chestnut leaves and eaten with cured meat;
    •    sweet Polenta, a staple food of the people of the mountains, whose taste and preparation are different from yellow polenta
    •    “Frittelle dolci”, sweet fritters made with chestnut flour, water and salt, deep-fried in lard;
    •    “Castagnaccio”, the real unique and delicious mountain cake, made with chestnut flour, pine kernels, sultanas and sugar.

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